Gang of pizza has opened its distributor on avenue de Bischwiller in Vire Normandie

The franchise team of Norman origin, Gang of Pizza in Vire Normandie (Calvados). ©The Voice Le Bocage

With already fifty pizza distributors in Normandy, gang of pizza chose to settle in the Bischwiller area, at Vire Normandy (Calvados), for a 24 hour service offer.

“This Viroise installation was important to us to extend our know-how on our lands”.

Carole Chabin, communications manager.

Founded in 2017, the national franchise has set up a local team currently made up of three permanent staff, managed by Olivier Van Laeys.

gang of pizza “Cruelly Delicious” offers 12 kinds of pizza selected, cold or hot. From traditional pizza to occasional recipes, the specific recipes of which are developed by the group “with bread dough and quality ingredients”, specifies Carole Chabin.

Their amount varies from 9 to 13 € for a standard size. the distributer also offers 5 kinds of paninis and soft drinks. Payment for pizzas is by credit card only. For any order, there is an online sales application for pizza reservations.

Already installed at Conde-sur-Noireauthe next distributor will take place in the municipality of Valdalliere and more specifically to Vassy.

Gang of pizza, avenue de Bischwiller, in Vire. Such. 02 61 68 02 17.

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