Gabriella of Monaco medalist at 7 years old: this cute and cool detail of her look impresses internet users

Just like their parents, Albert and Charlene, Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco are real stars on the Rock! At 7 and a half, the twins have their fans and each of their appearances makes headlines in the local press, some even noticing their often worked looks, particularly that of Gabriella, who seems to like to copy her mother, Charlene de Monaco.

Often dressed in flowery dresses, the little girl nevertheless changed her style this week for a sporting event: with her twin brother, she took part in a sailing and diving course, organized by the Monegasque Yatch Club for children. And the little heirs did so well there that they received a medal rewarding their efforts, a moment immortalized on the account of the Palace.

However, many Internet users noticed a cute detail of the style of the little princess: dressed in red shorts and a t-shirt with the image of Daisy, she had worn a backwards cap on her bobbed hair, giving it an inimitable and sporty style that is rather rare at home. In any case, a photo which shows that Prince Jacques’ sister has grown even more since her last appearance on the balcony of the Palace: alone, without her brother, she had been so sulky that she had been discreetly reprimanded by her mother!

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