Funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo: his son Paul reveals the surprising wish of the star

On September 6, 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away at the age of 88 after a life rich in adventures and emotions. He left France with exceptional performances in the cinema, forever etched in our memories. But what about his family? His son Paul, born of his relationship with the star dancer Elodie Constantin, returned to his disappearance after a year. Usually very discreet on the subject in the media, he agreed to confide in the microphone of RTL to pay tribute to him, to share his state of mind and that of his close-knit family and also made a surprising revelation. .

His death, Jean-Paul Belmondo was preparing for it, even if he did not mention it to his family. “I don’t think he feared death, he believed in the hereafter, in the afterlife. He was a believer without really being one. He had decided that was the end. He wanted to leave quietly. He burned life“, explains Paul Belmondo on RTL. The actor took advantage of the present like no one else and had therefore not organized his big departure.

However, there was one thing he cared about for his funeral and which his son says with tenderness when he comes back to the organization of the funeral: “Laughing, we said to ourselves, we’re not going to put on the music of the Professionalit will really too much. And then the notary arrives, he had said that he wanted us to put on the music of The Professional… He hadn’t planned much, but yes.“If the choice can make you smile, it’s safe to bet that everyone who watched the performance during his national tribute had the same chills.

Aware of all that Jean-Paul Belmondo represents for the country, his son Paul however wants to keep the image of him simply as a man, a loving father at the head of a very close-knit clan. It has recently expanded with the birth of Alessandro Belmondo’s son, Vahé. The little boy arrived on April 10, one day after the birthday of his illustrious grandfather. A true sign of fate!

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