Funeral of Elizabeth II: from Charles to Edward, who are her four children?

To start with Charles, her first son, born on November 14, 1948. Aged 22, Elizabeth is not yet queen, but her obligations as crown princess take up all her time. Charles grew up surrounded by his nannies, creating a certain emotional distance from his mother that biographer Jonathan Dimbleby describes as “detached”. Proof of this is in 1954, when Queen Elizabeth II and her husband returned from a long trip, she shook hands with her son rather than hugging him.

Heir to the crown, Charles has always had a special place with his mother, despite the many disagreements, especially in the 1980s, during his turbulent marriage to Diana Spencer, who will give birth to princes William and Harry. Madly in love with Camilla Parker Bowles, the new queen consort, Elizabeth II has never approved of the affair of her son with the one who will be his unofficial companion on the death of Lady Di.

But over time, their relationship has relaxed, and Elizabeth II will even give Charles her blessing to finally marry Camilla in 2005. Very admiring of his mother, it is he who has taken over for diplomatic obligations in recent years. He is now King Charles III of England.


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