Funeral of Charlotte Valandrey: the tender words of her daughter Tara, Dominique Besnehard upset

The producer and actor shared a snapshot of the “Charlotte’s latest program“: “I find it hard to accept his departure. Very dignified musical and religious ceremony made up of many friends from his region but, I see, few people from the show” he lamented. Maud Baecker, with whom Charlotte Valandrey had played in tomorrow belongs to usalso shared her pain as she proved in an Instagram story (see slideshow).

The speeches of his relatives upset the assemblywheat: “We will remember the happy days of our childhood in Val-André, with our grandparents. We realize today that those times were one of the most carefree and happiest“, said her sister Aude. Her father Jean-Pierre expressed the pride he had for his daughter throughout her life, after a heartbreaking intervention by Tara: “He was the strongest person I knew, with the greatest rage to live. His freedom has finally been returned to him, his fight is finally over.“That of his entourage, to perpetuate his memory, has only just begun.

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