François Hollande, extra pounds because of Julie Gayet? Valérie Trierweiler lets loose!

In 2014, Valérie Trierweiler discovered with amazement the naughty and greedy scooter outings of her companion François Hollande with his mistress Julie Gayet. Eight years later, the former journalist of Paris Match who now works with Laurent Ruquier on the show The Big Heads on RTL has still not forgotten the infamous betrayal of which she was the victim. On September 2, 2022, the pretty redhead – now in a relationship with the sportsman Romain Magellan – sent several well-meaning tackles to his ex as well as to his new wife.

While Laurent Ruquier announced the presence of the former head of state on the air on September 5, the journalist could not help but laugh at the astonishing reconversion in the 7th art of his ex, he who, let’s face it, is far from having a cinema physique. “Did you see that he’s an actor now?” she launched, ironically. “Yes, everything is possible“, also gently mocked Laurent Ruquier.

He gained a lot of weight…

In reality, the former President of the Republic will not be in front of the camera but behind, since he will lend his voice to one of the characters in the series Silex and the City which should be out next year. “This is the first time that he is a President of the Republic“said the author of the series very proudly to AFP. His wife Julie Gayet will also be present and will also lend her voice to a character from this animated film.

For Julie Gayet, same price! Valérie Trierweiler pointed out without any complex that her ex was fat, fault of his new wife who seems to prepare very (too?) copious dishes for him. “I don’t have Julie’s cooking skills. Since he has been with Julie Gayet, he has gained a lot of weights“, she added, a bit naughty.

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