Four features we expect to see on Apple Watch Series 8

In a few weeks, Apple is expected to announce the next Apple Watch Series 8. Called by analysts the biggest update for the Apple Watch in years, here’s what we expect to see on Apple’s new wearable in coming later this fall.

Same screen sizes as previous models – but a larger model is in the works

Apple has been pretty consistent in changing the screen size of the Apple Watch. The original Apple Watch up to Series 3 had 38mm and 42mm options, from Series 4 to Series 6, 40mm and 44mm, and now with Series 7, 41mm and 45mm.

For the Apple Watch Series 8, we expect Apple to keep the same screen sizes as the Series 7. That said, DSCC‘s Ross Young thinks the company is working on a larger 1.99-inch diagonal display, which could mean Apple is readying a 47mm Apple Watch. From now on, Bloomberg think this could be the new rugged and sporty Apple Watch.

At least one new sensor is coming to the Apple Watch Series 8

From now on, Bloombergthe the wall street journal, and analyst Ming-Chi Actu predicted that the Apple Watch Series 8 will finally bring a new sensor. Both posts and the analyst say a body temperature sensor is in the works.

WSJ“An anticipated use of the sensor in 2022 would be for fertility planning, the people said, giving women clues about where they are in their ovulation cycle. »

Early 2022, BloombergMark Gurman said that “body temperature was on the roadmap this year, but discussions about it have slowed down recently”. Then, in July, Gurman reiterated that Apple will likely bring a new sensor to the Series 8:

The body temperature feature won’t give you a specific reading like with a forehead or wrist thermometer, but it should be able to tell if it thinks you have a fever. He could then recommend that you talk to your doctor or use a dedicated thermometer.

Processor similar to Apple Watch Series 6

At the beginning of this year, BloombergMark Gurman of reported that Apple is readying a new S8 SoC for the Apple Watch Series 8 bringing “major activity tracking updates” with “faster chips across the board.”

At the end of June, the reporter reiterated his report saying he expects the Series 8 processor to be similar to the current Series 7 chip – which is the same one found on the Apple Watch Series. 6.

That said, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be just as fast as the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 6. For next year’s model, Gurman says the Watch should get “an all-new processor.”

Best sleep tracking technology and fitness features in mind

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After years of waiting, Apple has finally brought an integrated solution for those who like to track their sleep. Unfortunately, the stock app isn’t as good as the third-party options.

In this spirit, the the wall street journal reported that the Apple Watch Series 8 may have new sleep tracking features, including the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns and sleep apnea. The post says one of the challenges for Apple in terms of expanding sleep tracking capabilities is battery life.

In fact, Apple didn’t wait for the Apple Watch Series 8 to introduce it, as it is currently testing an improved sleep tracking app thanks to watchOS 9. The same goes for the Workout app, which has experienced a major overhaul with more data than ever for runners, as you can read more about here.


So far, here are some of the features users can really expect from the new Apple Watch Series 8. Are you excited about the new Apple Watch? Share your thoughts on our social networks.

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