Fort Boyard: the surprising salary that Passe-Partout receives for his appearances on the show

He is one of the star characters of Fort Boyard, the cult show on France television. Passe-Partout, whose real name is André Bouchet, has revealed his salary.

He has been one of Fort Boyard’s key figures for over 30 years. Passe-Partout, Alias ​​André Bouchet gave himself up in the web show Chez Jordan on Télé-loisirs. He notably mentioned the amount of his fee for his participation in the cult program of France 2.

And the least we can say is that the show does not allow him to earn a living. Passe-Partout reported earning €300 per show, or a total of around €3,000 for a full season.

RATP employee

According to Gala, André Bouchet would not spare his trouble, however, since he visibly travels more than 10 km on foot per show to fulfill his role as guardian of the keys.

Outside of Fort-Boyard, Passe-Partout works at the RATP. He also confided having to take days off without pay for the filming of the shows.

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