Former Apple legal executive Gene Daniel Levoff faces 120 years in prison for insider trading

In 2018, Gene Daniel Levoffthen Senior Director of Corporate Law and Corporate Secretary at the house of Apple, finds himself in the crosshairs of the SEC for insider trading. Unsurprisingly, Apple fires (almost) on the spot the accused… who is still in a mess 4 years later. The latter has indeed brutally decided to change his defense model and after having pleaded not guilty has decided to recognize his wrongs for 6 counts. In theory, Gene Daniel Levoff risks 120 years in prison and a fine of 30 million euros, but the “guilty plea” suggests that an arrangement of lawyers behind the scenes should greatly reduce this sentence.

As a reminder, Gene Daniel Levoff is suspected of having committed insider trading with AAPL (Apple) shares, a particularly serious financial offense which would have allowed him to repeatedly reap hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ironically, Levoff’s job assignments at Apple included (among other things) combating insider trading.

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