Forced by Apple, Instagram adds a button to delete your account

The social network had to comply with the requirements of the new App Store policy put in place by Apple. All applications allowing to create an account must now offer to delete it directly from the mobile application.

Deleting your Instagram account has probably never been easier. The social network owned by Meta has just updated its iOS application to include an option to deactivate or permanently delete your account directly from the Application settings.

And it is constrained and forced that the platform performed. Instagram has indeed had to comply with the new policy of the App Store. Now Apple requires developers to provide an option to delete an account whenever the app supports account creation.

Until now, the procedure to follow to delete your Instagram account was not really intuitive. You had to go to the platform’s Support page from a web browser, and navigate through several menus to find the option. Unless you had access to the direct link to Delete your Instagram account, the process was ostensibly complex, no doubt designed to dissuade you from leaving the platform.

A simplified procedure

Now, to delete your Instagram account, go to your profile, then to the Main Menuenter the Settings of the app. Then go to the menu Account where you will find, at the very bottom of the page, an option to Delete account.


You will then be offered to Disable Account temporarily, or Permanently delete account.


However, you will have around thirty days to reactivate it if you ever change your mind.

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