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APPLE KEYNOTE. Only a few minutes left before the launch of the Apple Keynote 2022. Follow the event with our Direct dedicated to all the announcements of the evening.

The essential

  • The Keynote Apple conference is being held this Wednesday, September 7 at 7 p.m. It will be broadcast live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cailfornia.
  • The Apple Store is now undergoing maintenance to allow Apple to add new products that will be presented during the Keynote.
  • The most anticipated announcement of the evening concerns the iPhone 14. Apple should notably offer a new format: the iPhone 14 Max. Several price increases are also expected following the shortage of computer components that still affects many tech players.
  • Apple is also expected to unveil three different Apple Watches. The classic Series 8, a new Apple Watch SE 2, and a Pro version for extreme athletes.
  • New AirPods Pro 2 could also be announced during the Apple Keynote 2022.


17:49 – An Apple Watch Pro dedicated to extreme sports at the Apple Keynote 2022

The surprise of this Apple Keynote could well concern the Apple Watch Pro. This more expensive edition than the Series 8 should have several new functions for the most demanding athletes. You will have understood: we are not talking about a connected watch for the general public. The latter would also have a fairly large size which would make it difficult to use for small wrists.

17:21 – Will the Apple Keynote unveil the firm’s virtual reality headset?

The Apple Keynote 2022 could well teaser or unveil a highly anticipated product: a virtual reality headset. This helmet, which would be called “Reality” would be in development for many months. Apple would however wait to be fully sure of its product before announcing it officially. Tonight’s Keynote might just be the perfect opportunity.

16:49 – Towards a subscription to buy your iPhone 14?

According to Bloomberg, the Apple 2022 Keynote could unveil a new brand offer: a subscription to rent your iPhone 14. If the price increase is confirmed, this subscription could allow you to take advantage of the firm’s latest phone for a few dollars each month. . This would avoid paying a large sum all at once to change your phone if you cannot trade in an old device.

16:31 – What’s new for the iPhone 14 during the Apple Keynote?

The Apple 2022 Keynote should mainly talk about the iPhone 14 and its new features. The latter have been at the center of several rumors for a few months, and it is already possible to find out about the specificities of the iPhone 14. The phone would notably have a new design on its front face, a rear and selfie camera improved, an A16 Bionic processor for more power, and an “Always On” function.

15:58 – Will the iPhone 14 cost more?

One of the most persistent rumors about the Apple Keynote 2022 concerns the prices of the new iPhone 14. According to several specialists, Apple would raise the prices of the phone compared to the previous generation. In particular, we are talking about nearly 100 additional euros for each model! We will have to wait for the official reveal of the iPhone 14 during the Apple Keynote to have confirmation or not.

15:27 – Will the AirPods Pro 2 be presented at the Apple Keynote 2022?

Expected for many months, the AirPods Pro 2 could well be announced during the Apple Keynote tonight. Expected to be unveiled at the beginning of the year by several analysts, these new high-end wireless headphones from Apple should have a better battery and new features.

15:15 – The other big Apple Keynote announcement would concern the Apple Watch

Apple could well create the surprise this evening during its Keynote. Several rumors indicate that the firm would announce its new Apple Watch Series 8 alongside two other connected watches:

  • The Apple Watch SE 2, a new watch for modest budgets.
  • The Apple Watch Pro, which would have a new design and would be aimed at extreme athletes.

15:00 – The Apple Store is now closed before the Apple Keynote 2022

As usual, the Apple Store is now under maintenance before the launch of the Apple Keynote 2022. This period of time should allow the firm to add the new products that will be announced during the evening. As a reminder, the Apple Watch Series 3 had been removed from the Apple Store a few days ago.

2:30 p.m. – iPhone 14 set to headline Apple Keynote

The Apple 2022 Keynote should primarily focus on the iPhone 14. Several rumors about it have been circulating on the web for a few months. There is talk in particular of a general increase in prices across the entire range, but also of the removal of the Mini format. We should have all the final information as soon as the Apple Keynote launches at 7 p.m.

14:02 – Welcome to our live on the Apple Keynote 2022

Only a few hours left before the official launch of the Apple Keynote 2022. The event is already eagerly awaited, since the firm should present the new iPhone 14 there. Follow our evening live to find all the Apple Keynote announcements as soon as its launch at 7 p.m.

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Follow the Apple Keynote on video

This Wednesday’s Apple Keynote can be followed directly online. There are two solutions to follow the event during its broadcast. The first is to go to Apple’s official YouTube channel where the Keynote will be broadcast simultaneously. The second is right on this article since we are covering the event live in order to bring you all the news announced during the conference!

What new features are expected during the Apple Keynote?

Three big announcements are expected for the Apple Keynote. The first obviously concerns the iPhone 14. Apple should unveil its brand new smartphone for the coming months, and confirm the rumor concerning the end of the Mini format. Many consumers are also expecting an increase in iPhone 14 prices following the various crises that punctuated the year 2022.

The other big announcement of the evening of the Apple Keynote would concern the Apple Watch. If we have no doubts about the formalization of a new Series 8, the firm could well surprise its community with a new Apple Watch SE 2 for smaller budgets. Finally, a brand new connected watch for extreme athletes would also be planned.

The latest announcement expected during the Apple Keynote is perhaps the oldest. The AirPods Pro 2 have been at the center of rumors for many months, and some analysts even thought of their formalization at the start of the year. These new wireless headphones could well be announced during the evening.

Will the iPhone 14 be presented at the next Apple Keynote?

Barring a big surprise, Apple’s Keynote this Wednesday should focus on the new iPhone 14. Several information on the subject are already leaked on the net, and we refer you to our article above for know everything about the future phone from Apple.

However, it would not be surprising if Apple’s next Keynote presented other products. In particular, it’s a safe bet that new versions of the Apple Watch such as the Series 8 or the SE 2 will be unveiled at the firm’s future conference.

Is the Apple Keynote preparing for the announcement of an Apple Watch Series 8?

Besides the iPhone 14, one of the biggest announcements of this Apple Keynote should concern the firm’s connected watch. The Apple Watch Series 8 could well be unveiled during the evening, and would not be alone! Several reports and analysts indicate that the Cupertino company is also planning an Apple Watch SE 2 as well as a brand new Apple Watch Pro for extreme athletes.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is long overdue for the Apple Keynote. The firm has now accustomed us to unveiling a new version of its connected watch every year. The Series 8 should therefore have improved functionalities, in particular for monitoring heart rate and taking medication.

An announcement for the AirPods Pro 2 during the Apple Keynote?

Among the potential Apple Keynote announcements could be the AirPods Pro 2. This new version of Apple’s most advanced wireless headphones has been expected for several months. While some experts had bet on a release last October, we had no news about new AirPods Pro 2.

Several sources have already revealed the existence and development of the AirPods Pro 2. These indicate in particular that these new headphones would benefit from a new H1 audio processor and compatibility with Bluetooth 5.2, while improving the quality of the integrated microphone.

iOS 16 finally available for everyone after the Apple Keynote?

This Wednesday’s Apple Keynote should also concern the software part of several Apple operating systems. If we can expect new updates for iPadOS or WatchOS, it is especially iOS 16 which should have more information. Apple could well take advantage of the evening to communicate on a public release date for the various compatible iPhones.

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