Foldable iPhone and iPad: Apple continues to think about it (patents)

L’iPhone and/or theiPad foldable is always an option at Apple although there are clearly more “feedbacks” and leaks regarding AR/VR technologies, as if Apple had already chosen what type of device will succeed the iPhone as the next “disruptive” technology. Two patents filed recently by the Cupertino company confirm that the possibility of foldable iPhones and iPads is not completely abandoned. One of these patents reveals the type of structure that Apple imagines to ensure that foldable screens remain perfectly flat when unfolded. The screen would thus be arranged on a double moving plate which “accompanies” the screen when the device is closed. The hinge is also reinforced in order to increase the resistance of the assembly after hundreds or even thousands of closing/opening.

The second patent describes a foldable iPhone or iPad type device in a slightly more general way, but here, the shell itself seems foldable (Apple speaks of foldable components)

There is no point in getting too excited about this type of patent anyway. Rumors about a foldable iPhone/iPad are almost non-existent, and Tim Cook has only the word AR in his mouth…

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