Florent Pagny victim of cancer: this unexpected departure of the singer!

For several months, the singer Florent Pagny has received very sad news. Indeed, he learned that he had advanced lung cancer. So he had to fight this fight for life, to be able to heal. But now he seems to be getting better and even count go to argentina. We’ll explaine everything here.

Florent Pagny, the verdict

It was in January of this year that Florent Pagny felt like an embarrassment. At that time, the singer was far from imagining that what he considered a simple embarrassment was much worse than that. Indeed, after different exams the verdict falls.

It turns out that Florent Pagny has lung cancer. He is characterized by a tumor on one of his lungs. Forced to accept his fate, he listens to what the doctors suggest. But unfortunately, if usually removal of the latter with chemo or radiotherapy seems the best option, It is not possible. It turns out that the tumor is already quite large and that it seems inoperable. So, there is only one hope for the coach The Voice to heal: the chemo.

The process

This is how at the end of January, Florent Pagny tragically formalizes the thing. He explains in a video on his Instagram profile that he has cancer. That his tumor seems inoperable. And so therefore, the only solution is chemo. So he embarks on a long and painful treatment. Although chemo does not have the same effects on everyone, for him, he was entitled to everything. hair lossto weight and especially to ailments as a side effect of the treatment.

It’s a painful fight that seems endless for Florent Pagny. But fortunately, the singer shows an unfailing determination. He knows he’s going to heal, because he really wants it. He can thus count on much more support than he could imagine. His two children and his wife show support without fault. But on top of that, whether it’s colleagues, colleagues Where even his fans, all support him. A feeling that Florent Pagny does not didn’t expect to feel.

A marked improvement

And fortunately for Florent Pagny, the process is going well. Despite of course the evils and side effects, he keeps his spirits up. The treatment is going so well that the doctors speed it up. And at this time Florent Pagny declares that when he is cured, he wishes to return to Argentina, more precisely in Patagoniathe where he raised his children, his “haven of peace”. And all the thoughts attributed to it work. Soon the results come. Of a good Kiwithe tumor appears to have shrunk to the size of a hazelnut.

News from Florent Pagny

Since then, Florent Pagny has finished his chemo treatment. He thus reassured his fans and declared last Wednesday to The Original Band that “Everything is fine ! I’m just in control, I continue to look good and I’m cutting the road, he assured in a clear and alert voice, which suggests good morale. I’m coming from Portugal and going to Argentina… ”. He confides in Gala saying that “Now, I’m coming out of the tunnel. I knew this period when you don’t want anything, you don’t have the peach, you have the heart on the edge of your lips, but that passes. I had pure chemo, the one that fights: heartache for twelve days, it’s no longer funny! You know, the seasickness you get after you’ve been on dry land for a week…”

Also, on Florent Pagny’s Instagram, you can find a photo of him in the Aegean Sea. The caption reads “Everything is fine ! I’m picking up colors in the Aegean Sea, magnificent”. He therefore confirms at the gala that “I’m going to get better, enjoy lifeof my relatives, close to nature, and it’s a chance. I will check regularly during these six months of break. Then I’ll be back”.

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