“Florent Pagny is a warrior!” : Marghe (The Voice) talks about her relationship with her coach, touching revelations!

The tenth season of The Voice was won by Marghe. A young woman who was a pupil of the famous coach Florent Pagny. But when she saw her album released in stores this Friday, she took the opportunity to grant an interview. It is therefore with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs that the young woman talks about her relationship with her coach and mentor Florent Pagny. We tell you everything here.

Marghe, his album

For her very first album after her victory at The Voice thanks to the help of Florent Pagny, she decided to make an album that looks like her. So for that, she was inspired by her origins italian but also Malagasy. This is how she came up with a title Alefa meaning Courage, Strength in Malagasy. Of course, the young woman is preparing for a mixed reception. She also confided that she seemed to be very well surrounded and don’t be afraid of criticism potential haters.

Florent Pagny’s colt even called on his former competitor, namely Jim Bauer, to help him make his record. But in addition to her former competitor with whom she kept in touch, she admitted to being touched close to her coach Florent Pagny who was going through a very complex period recently. In effect, his lung cancer was not an easy thing. For now, he finished his chemo treatment.

The disciple of Florent Pagny confides to Télé Loisirs that “I am mestizo and I wanted to keep a side ethnic. This album is pop world: music with a pop tendency with vocalizations a little more ethnic. Doing vocals is my little signature and I think it’s my greatest strength when I sing!

A fair play competitor

And although The Voice is a contest as much for the participants as for Florent Pagny and the other coaches, the young woman has met a great person. This is of course his former competitor, Jim Bauer. Although she beat her, he remains very fair. As we have seen, he helps her to make her record. And so that it is similar to her desires she can therefore count on him who helps her without resentment. “We appreciate each other very much, he became a friend. I wanted to work with him on my album and I, who knew him as a singer, rediscovered him as a director. And it’s an alien again (laughs)! He brought a singularity to the project: combining his crazy side and my ethnic side with pop gives a really nice result. I am really glad to have worked with him !”.

Florent Pagny, determined

It is thanks to Florent Pagny that the young woman was able to win the contest The Voice. It must be said that her coach has a few years of experience more than her. And it was after the final that the latter had confided to her how proud he was of her and since what, they have not lost contact.

Marghe says about Florent Pagny that “We write messages from time to time. It hurt me to learn he had cancer but every time we’ve contacted since then he’s been in a determined moodalways with this desire to get better. For me, he is a warrior ! ». He even wanted to give some advice to the young singer “He told me to be myself. That now we knew that I sang well but I had to show who i was”.

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