Florent Pagny: his daughter Ael appears in small lingerie, she panics the Web with her dream body!

Florent Pagny has had to fight the disease for several months now. Indeed, the singer and coach is affected by a tumor on the lung. Because of this, he had to cancel his 60th birthday tour and it also changed his physique a lot as well. Fortunately, he was able to count on the support of his family and his fans, including his daughter Ael. We’ll explaine everything here.

Florent Pagny his fight

It was in January of this year that singer Florent Pagny felt discomfort in his throat. So he decided to go for a consultation. As his throat is his work tool, he wanted to take care of it. But after several examinations the verdict falls, it is lung cancer. It turns out that Florent Pagny has a lung tumor. But if in general it is possible to remove them, in his case it was not the case. So the only way for him to heal is to do chemo.

This is how Florent Pagny begins a long and painful healing process. He thus announces on Instagram the hard news “I’ve just been diagnosed with a tumor in my lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor that can’t be operated on, so I have to go into a six-month protocol chemotherapy and x-rays”.

Good progress

Fortunately Florent Pagny’s healing process worked well. Very quickly the positive effects of the treatment took effect. The tumor has grown from size from kiwi to that of a hazelnut. But this was not without repercussions. Indeed, the physique of Florent Pagny has changed a lot. He lost all his hair, body hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. But as he puts it so well, that doesn’t stop him from always having a beautiful face.

Fortunately, his treatment managed to come to an end. Florent Pagny took the opportunity to return to Patagonia, where he raised his two children. He considers this place as his haven of peace far from the stress of Parisian life. He wants to recharge his batteries to better leave for his tour which has been canceled.

Ael Pagny

Florent Pagny was also able to count on the support of his family as well as fans. Notably his daughter Ael who is also much talked about. The 21-year-old happens to be very active on Instagram. She studying in New York and thus travels a lot between his studies, his family in Argentina and in Paris. She also devotes her studies to the field of art, like her father. But she focuses on photography and fashion.

It is therefore on her Instagram profile that the young woman shares the most beautiful shots she takes. Thanks to her very active profile, she is beginning to create a reputation for herself. She also unleashed the web by sharing a photo of her in a swimsuit last July, while sharing her promo code. But it was last Friday that this beautiful brunette this time shared a promo code for her followers for a brand named Paradewho is her favorite brand of lingerie.

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