Florent Pagny facing cancer: a close friend gives his news

Eric Serra has come a long way. The composer of the original soundtrack Big Blue battled dazzling cancer. Now in complete remission, the 62-year-old man raised the subject for the first time, speaking in passing of the battle of his friend Florent Pagny, who was a valuable support.

Last January, the coach of The Voice (TF1) revealed that he had lung cancer. Despite everything, he had wished to continue the filming of the musical program until the end and thus attended the coronation of his protected Nour. This fight, he did not lead it alone. Florent Pagny was able to count on his relatives and his public. And one of his friends was also very supportive as we can see in The Parisian. Eric Serra was indeed diagnosed at the same time as him. He was diagnosed with small bowel lymphoma.”pretty dazzling“, which forced him to postpone his tour The Big Blue cine-concert scheduled for the spring (which will begin on September 14). “Within a few days, if I hadn’t noticed it, I might not be here to tell you about it. (…) I benefited from an experimental treatment from an American lab, which dated back barely three months. The first few days were a bit terrifying. There have been a few extremely perilous days. I could have stayed there. But, after a few days, we saw that I wasn’t dead, that it was working. I had six sessions of chemo in all, augmented with this experimental stuff, with tests every other session. After the first two sessions, I was already cured. In complete remission. It was quite spectacular!“, he declared to our colleagues.

News from Florent Pagny

Eric Serra then explained that he spoke a lot with Florent Pagny about his illness, because they were going through the same fight at the same time. He learned that he had cancer two days before Azucena’s husband announced it on video on social networks. “It wasn’t the same cancer at all, but we had six chemo sessions each, spaced the same interval. We really had all our treatment in parallel. We exchanged little messages, we called each other. Casually, this complicity did me a lot of good, and I imagine that to him too. It’s not something you can share with a lot of people. We were talking about chemo, how we felt. Because we feel weird things, it’s hardcore. But, at the same time, we laughed about it“, he continued.

Florent Pagny and him played down the situation given that the results were engaging for both of them. “We healed at the same time. Florent is particularly positive. He’s fishing. We talked about the fact that we had to postpone our tours. Mine hadn’t started yet. I had already postponed it twice because of the Covid. But, there, that’s it, we’re off again!“, he concluded. Confidences more than reassuring.

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