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Five Pizza original unveils two new signature recipes

Innovative and dynamic, the original Five Pizza franchise has just unveiled two new signature pizza recipes with American flavors for the month of October 2022: burger pizza and hot dog pizza. Spotlight.


Pizza revisited with an original and unique concept

Exceptional pizzas for exceptional results

Burgers and hot dogs come to Five Pizza Original

Iconic dishes of North American culinary culture, the burger and the hot dog are now on the menu of the Five Pizza Original restaurants in an original way to say the least.

Indeed, the head of the network has decided to compose two new signature pizzas with American flavors :

  • The pizza burger composed of minced meat, red onions, fresh mozzarella, pickles and a melted cheddar sauce;
  • hot dog pizzacomposed of beef sausage, fresh mozzarella, fried onions and fillets of mustard and ketchup.

Ephemeral recipes soon on the menu?

Initially published in an ephemeral way, if these two pizzas with American flavors are sufficiently successful in the 43 pizzerias of the Five Pizza Original network, they will then be definitively integrated into the menu of the brand.

Thus, through this marketing operation, the head of the network demonstrates its involvement in renew itself regularly and offer new recipes while constantly staying as close as possible to market feedback.

So if you also want open a pizzeria with a dynamic and innovative brand, go to the Five Pizza Original franchise file to find out more.

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