first thoughts on Brendan Fraser’s return to Darren Aronofsky

Brendan Fraser returns to theaters after a very long time with The Whale, the new film by Darren Aronofsky. What are the first returns?

Darren Aronofsky is one of those authors who make films that are as disturbing as they are striking. How many have been scarred by the degenerating visions of Requiem for a Dream or disturbed by the outbursts of body horror that crossed black swan ? While Darren Aronofsky hadn’t made a film since 2017 and his Mother!yet another feverish nightmare with a suffocating rise in power, the director returns with The Whale. If we can’t wait to see it, it’s certainly because the pitch reminds us of The Wrestlerbut also and above all for to witness the rebirth of a former glory.

And this personality who deserted the big screen is none other than Brendan Fraser, the face of the saga The Mummy. Victim of touching, Brendan Fraser had explained his ordeal in Hollywood and the reason why he had withdrawn from the industry. A trauma that went hand in hand with significant pain that remained to him from the stunts he performed on the film saga launched by Stephen Sommers. A tragic destiny which, away from the studios for almost seven years, found the light with The Whale screened during the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival. So… winning return? Newspaper.

Like Mickey Rourke, Brendan Fraser rises

“Caster Brendan Fraser is moving partly because you can recognize this beloved figure under the grease, but also because Fraser’s performance doesn’t beg for mercy. His Charlie is complex, imperfect, funny and otherwise whole and radiantly human: a round character in more ways than one. » Robbie Collin- The Telegraph

“What could have been a somber, carefully considered study of a solitary man becomes a simple posture. » Richard Lawson- Vanity Fair

“Fraser does an honest job as Charlie, and Hong Chau brings fierceness and tenderness to the drama, but a sugar-starved diabetic film. » Peter Bradshaw- The Guardian

The Whale : Photo Brendan FraserA Brendan Fraser transformed for his big comeback, it’s inflated

“The intense chamber drama never hides its theatrical roots, but transcends them with the grace and compassion of its writing, and the deep pains and layers of despair, love and hope that flow from the central performance. Fraser makes us see beyond the alarming appearance of his character to immerse us in the depths of this heartbroken man. » David Rooney- The Hollywood Reporter

“For all his shame, the closed windows and the disconnected webcams that block him from the outside world, there is a magnetism in Charlie and his overloaded heart that draws others – and us, as an audience – to him. » Wendy Ide – Screen Daily

“The pathos is very exaggerated. Sometimes you wonder why a director as sophisticated as Darren Aronofsky resorts to such manipulative tactics. However, underneath all that fat lies a film with a very big heart. » Geoffrey Macnab – The Independent

The Whale : Foto Sadie SinkSadie Sink plays the daughter of Brendan Fraser’s character

“Like the hundred pounds of latex poured over Fraser’s body, the film itself forces its performers to contend with an overwhelmingly moody atmosphere. But most of the time there is only room for one voice. » Ben Croll – The Wrap

“What he brags about in abundance – in this riveting study of a deeply broken man, suffocated by nine years of self-immolation – is a rare and profound compassion, elevated by a starring Fraser. » Jack King – The Playlist

“The Whale remains too intellectual in this exploration of the physical and spiritual dimensions of redemption through a character trapped in his own body. And this is done at the expense of the visceral power of Aronofsky’s cinema. This limits what could have been a very great comeback performance for Brendan Fraser to just being a good one. » Marshall Schaffer – Slashfilm

Mother!  : Picture , Jennifer LawrenceWhen Mother! left with nothing at the Venice Film Festival in 2017

From what we can see, Brendan Fraser’s performance rather won over the audience at the Mostra. For the rest, it would seem that the film has a very special resonance with the career of its star actor as The Wrestler in his time with Mickey Rourke. Darren Aronofsky is said to have produced a complex and touching study of his character Charlie. If some evoke a pretentious exercise and a great performance reduced, even almost sabotaged by the intentions of the director, the feedback is overwhelmingly encouraging.

From what we know of the project, the film is a camera adapted from a play of the same name by Samuel D. Hunter. The film will tell substantially the same story, namely that of Charlie, an English teacher who will try to reconnect with his seventeen-year-old daughter. The problem is that he had abandoned it and now suffers from obesity due to an uncontrolled hyperphagia syndrome due to his depressive state that he developed after the death of his lover (in short, joy) . If this intrigues you, be patient, you will have to wait until February 23, 2023 to discover it in theaters in France.


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