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Fired from the evening without having been able to eat his pizza, he sets fire to the landing

This famous night, the worst had been narrowly avoided. Sheets and personal effects burned on the landing, the door on fire. Inside the accommodation meanwhile, the evening was taking its course. It was two partygoers still awake who had given the alarm at the sight of smoke. At the origin of the fire: Jean Phalaris. The young man appeared yesterday for these facts, among others, before the Saint-Denis Court of Appeal.

Jean’s motives are confused. Why did he set the fire that night? It all starts with a first altercation with his ex-spouse, against a background of jealousy. He punches and slaps him, which he contests. The party continues. The young man is alcoholic. “I had drunk two or three glasses of whisky. And I never drink hard liquor”he justifies himself. “It’s really bad luck then”stings the president of the court.

His behavior is problematic, he gets kicked out of the party. It’s the last straw, it seems. Because Jean brought alcohol to the party and pizzas. Food he didn’t have time to eat. “So you’re a little frustrated”, recalls the magistrate. And it is therefore under the influence of frustration that he would then have set things on fire when he left. “A crazy evening where Mr., who is a regular in the courtroom, was again illustrated”comments the Advocate General, Jean-Philippe Rey. “If the fire had spread that evening, there would surely have been several deaths.”


For justice, it is once too much. The defendant’s criminal record speaks for itself: nine convictions at only 32 years old. Six for acts of violence, including four against his wife. The president of the court asks him for an explanation of his record. He assures him: he has come a long way now. “It may, one day, end at the assizes”fears the magistrate.

Jean Phalaris had hitherto rather slipped through the cracks, with only one stay in detention. The rest: suspended prison sentences or without a warrant. Periods during which he never ceased to reiterate the facts.

Yesterday, the court sentenced him to three years in prison. He had been sentenced to 24 months at first instance. Penal response not severe enough for the public prosecutor, who had appealed the decision of the Saint-Pierre judicial court. What can finally break the “spiral” of violence to which the Advocate General and the defense referred. “He can’t get out“, had pleaded his council. He will now have time to think about it.

Celine Legay

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