Fauve Hautot “single”? With the handsome Jules Renault it would be over

On September 9, the new season of Dance with the stars was launched on TF1. And this year, Fauve Hautot is making a comeback on the floor with the hope of lifting the cup. After having already won the dance competition three times, the last of which with Tayc in 2021, she is now trying her luck with international star Billy Crawford. Their first steps were also very promising since they have already qualified for the next show.

A true figure in the program, Fauve Hautot was naturally highlighted in the new issue of Release published this Friday, September 16, 2022. The newspaper devoted a portrait to her through which she confided in several subjects, such as social networks. A universe that is not really his, favoring discretion. Moreover, it was rare for her to appear there alongside his companion Jules Renaultshe who lives according to the adage “live well, live hidden“with the idea of ​​protecting his”cocoon“. And Internet users are apparently no longer likely to see them together. And for good reason, our colleagues from Release claim that Fauve Hautot is single.

The red-haired dancer had been dating the professional photographer since at least 2013. But the last proof that they were still a couple dates back to the beginning of 2022. Previously, rumors said they were shaken by Fauve’s rapprochement with her ex. -dance partner Tayc. Throughout their adventure Dance with the stars, their complicity had made a lot of talk and viewers had wondered about the true nature of their relationship. If Fauve Hautot did not prefer to speak on the subject, the 26-year-old singer had meanwhile ended up admitting that nothing had ever happened with the star of the prosecution. “It is the most beautiful meeting. One of the most beautiful encounters of my life today. We are together all the time. We love each other, but no, we’ve never sinned“, he confided in an interview for Konbini.

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