Faudel’s son repeatedly attacked, the singer forced to leave France for Morocco!

Remember. For the 2007 presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy was able to count on the support of many people, including a certain Faudel.

Faudel who does not keep only good memories. He also revealed, in The Morning without filter on Virgin Radio, this Thursday, September 1, behind the scenes of this collaboration which had surprised.

“I met him, he was on the ground. He was in Neuilly, nobody knew him, there was not yet the story of the hostage-taking in kindergarten. He had married a friend of mine who is a footballer but really I have nothing to do with politics. I don’t even know how it works”he recalled.

“In France, it’s complicated… Jay-Z, he’s going to see Obama, it’s cool, it’s quiet. In France, politics doesn’t pass, you shouldn’t go there because it’s is not our job. Today, I have a lot of hindsight with that. It is the only bullshit, in quotes, that I have been able to do in life “also specified Faudel facing Guillaume Genton and Diane Leyre.

“I shouldn’t have been in there because it was not my place. I was very badly, I had threats. I lost everything! I received anonymous letters. My son was attacked several times because of this. To be able to survive and get out of the water, I had only one solution, it was to leave France”ended up revealing the one who immediately went into exile in Morocco.

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