Faced with soaring wheat prices, Pizza Hut launches rice-based pizzas in Japan

Due to the sharp rise in wheat prices, Pizza Hut will offer rice cake pizzas in its Japanese restaurants for a few weeks.

Pizzas… on rice cakes. Faced with the sharp rise in wheat prices, Pizza Hut is adding a new dish to its menu in Japan: the fast food chain will offer mini-pizzas starting next week, the base of which will be formed by a rice cake, instead of the traditional wheat flour dough, brings Bloomberg. Topped with teriyaki chicken, garlic prawns, barbecued pork and Japanese-style beef ribs.

These small rice-based pizzas will be offered for a few weeks at Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide, but they could join the regular menu if Japanese customers pick them up.

War in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent wheat prices skyrocketing on world markets. However, for wheat, Japan depends on foreign supplies – the country is dependent on food imports for 38% of calories consumed and 66% in terms of value, specifies Bloomberg. Rice, on the contrary, is widely grown on the archipelago and prices have remained moderate due to abundant production and large stocks available.

Jeremy Bruno BFMTV journalist

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