Fabienne Carat: Sublime photo with her daughter and Alain (Married at first sight), a wonderful step-dad

43 years is something to celebrate! Fabienne Carat knows it and celebrated her birthday as it should. The actress also took advantage of this special day to pay tribute to the people she loves.

It is on Instagram that the pretty brunette decided to pour out on Wednesday August 24. She first published a magnificent professional photo, in black and white, of her alongside her companion Alain, a former candidate for Married at first sight discovered during the 5th season (2021) and his daughter Celeste, born in December 2021 and whose identity of the father is not known.

A photo that says a lot about the trio. Even if Céleste is not her daughter, Alain shows himself to be very close to her by making the gesture of wanting to take her in his arms. A reciprocal affection since Celeste extends her hand to him. A daughter / father-in-law relationship that Fabienne Carat observes with tenderness. In legend of this very touching publication, the unforgettable Samia Nassri in More beautiful life wrote : “The most beautiful gifts are those that life gives you, with those who choose your soul and those who recognize themselves in a look. (…) Sometimes fate plays with us, happiness comes then leaves then comes back… even greater and when we no longer expect it. In any case, it comes at the right time, at the best, when we are finally ready to welcome it. I think so much of you.

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