Euromillions: the record jackpot of 230 million euros has been won

A Briton won the record jackpot of 230 million euros last night at EuroMillions.

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There is a lucky winner! The record jackpot of 230 million euros, in play at EuroMillions, was won on Tuesday evening. And it is a Briton who is the lucky one, as indicated by the National Lottery, the British lottery.

To win the huge sum, you had to have played the numbers 6, 23, 27, 40 and 41. The lucky numbers were 2 and 12. In addition to the lucky winner at 230 million euros, 5 people, including 3 French won nearly 4.5 million euros.

It was the fourth consecutive draw of the sum of 230 million euros. If it had not been won this Friday, it could have been put into play one last time this Friday, July 22. As La Française des Jeux explains on its website, ”
as soon as the EuroMillions cap is reached, the mechanism is as follows: in the absence of a jackpot winner, the same amount is put back into play within a limit of 4 successive times before being automatically redistributed to the winner(s) ) of the second rank (during the 5th successive draw for the Jackpot ceiling)

Next jackpot at 240 million euros?

Long capped at 190 million euros, the maximum amount of the jackpot was raised to 250 million euros in 2019. At each draw, at the start, 17 million euros are put into play. But if no one wins, the sum increases until it reaches the ceiling.

And this ceiling increases by 10 million euros each time it is reached. Before the record of 230 million euros was won, the previous record gain at stake was 220 million euros and it had been won by a Frenchman on October 15, 2021. The next jackpot will be able to reach the 240 million euros.

From this Friday, the Euromillions prize pool will therefore drop to 17 million euros and will continue to increase until it has been won.

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