Euromillions: the historic jackpot of 230 million euros put into play, when to try your luck again?

The 230 million euros put into play by the Euromillions this Friday, July 8 were not won. But this exceptional kitty will soon be put back into play.

The sum has something to dream about. The 230 million euros to be won in the Euromillions draw were not won this Friday evening, according to the results relayed by Draw-Winner. But don’t cry defeat too soon. Indeed, since the 230 million euros have not been won, and this is the currently established maximum earnings capthis sum will be throw-in four more times, until July 22.

The evening still made people happy: nine players, including three French, won the sum of 1,453,438 euros thanks to the five correct numbers and a star. 19 people, including seven French people, also won 19,952 euros thanks to the five correct numbers and 90 players, including 17 French people, won 1,311.90 euros with the combination of two correct numbers and two stars.

Soon 250 million to be won?

The winning combination was 28 – 31 – 35 – 43 – 46 as well as two lucky stars 4 and 7. However, no player managed to find the right numbers and win this record sum. Fortunately, the losers will be able to try their luck again this Tuesday, July 12.

And the jackpot can be offered another four times, before necessarily being won or shared, details La Française des jeux to our colleagues from TF1 News : “At the end of this cycle, the cap will increase by €10 million to reach €240 million. The same mechanism will apply up to a maximum cap of 250 million euros“, further specifies the FDJ.

How to check a Euromillions ticket?

First, you can go online. The results for My Million will be posted around 8:20 p.m. via the website or the mobile application. Regarding the Euromillions, you will have to wait until 9:45 p.m. All the draw information will then be accessible to you, so you can see if you have ticked the five correct numbers as well as the two lucky numbers.

Another option to find out if you have won the Euromillions jackpot put into play by the FDJ: obtain the results of the draw by telephone. To do this, simply dial 3256 (0.35 euro including tax/min) or by sending “EUML” to 61 113 by SMS (0.35 euro including tax per message, excluding the cost of the SMS).

If you had played on a paper ticket, you can go to a tobacconist.

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