Eure. Bagheera: a new business has opened its doors in Vernon

Thomas takes care of preparing the pizzas, cooked over a wood fire. ©The Democrat Vernonnais

In the early morning, the aromas of tea and coffee perfume the surroundings of the station. In the evening, it’s the sweet aroma of pizza who takes over. Tuesday, September 6, Thomas and Romain, two childhood friends from Vernon (Eure), opened their business, Bagheera, in the rue de l’Horloge. Their trademark? Cooking over a wood fire.

Coffee and pastries

Two meetings have been imagined by the duo. The first, which takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., offers customers organic coffee and tea, or even pastries bought in a bakery in the city center.

“The idea was to offer people a place where they could have a coffee before taking the train. Apart from the Relay, there is no other establishment that offers this offer in the area,” says Romain. Merchants would like to prepare homemade pastries in the coming weeks.

We will probably also make panna cottas, white cheeses and perhaps take-out meal trays, to be ordered in the evening for the next morning.


Twelve a la carte pizzas

The other meeting therefore takes place at the end of the day, from 6:30 p.m. Thomas then puts on his pizzaiolo apron and heats up the wood-fired oven. A total of twelve pizzas are on the Bagheera menu: the Queen, “which has been the best-selling one since opening”, the Margarita, the Neapolitan, the Vegetarian, the Four Cheeses, the Farmer’s , the Salmon, the Pepperoni “that no one makes”, the Normandy, and of course the Bagheera, made with a pepper cream base.

“We also put a pop-up pizza on the menu every week,” says Thomas, who has perfected his skills in recent years to become a real pizza maker. Please note that the business only offers take-out.

In addition to pizzas, Bagheera officials would like to prepare other ready meals in the long term: lasagna, gratins, tartiflettes, sweet pies, etc.

We love to cook and we are full of ideas. We have already had good feedback from customers, there is only positive.


“Stay consistent

As for drinks, there is also something for everyone: seven beers, some of which are artisanal and come from the 3ienchs brewery located in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne), fruit juices or even different wines (red, white, rosé).

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“Those who come back with their glass bottle to recycle get a ten cent discount,” insists Romain. We may wish to offer smoothies, depending on the season. Then you have to stay consistent and not scatter. The goal is for the customer to be satisfied. »

Address: 6, rue de l’Horloge. Info. : 09 53 66 29 14.

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