Enora Malagré: This famous ex with whom she was “very cuckold”, revelations

This Wednesday July 20, 2022, Enora Malagré celebrates her 42nd birthday. The former star columnist of Do not touch My TV, now shares his life with Hugo Vitrani. Last June, the host had crossed paths at an evening her famous ex, the DJ Cut Killer. A past relationship that Enora Malagré talked about more than once when she was on the air in Cyril Hanouna’s cult show. In 2016, she had notably mentioned the infidelities of the DJ towards her.

I was not jealous but I became. (…) I was very cuckold, very unhappy“, she said in TPMP. “It’s true that it’s not easy to be with someone who lives at night. You have to accept people as they are, you can’t change people“, she continued about this romance. She explained how her evenings were spent when her DJ was busy behind his decks. “It is true that I was not an atomic bomb, but I was dancing alone suddenly. But really alone, we’re behind the guy, in the VIP area, with a bottle, we dance drunk all evening. It’s pathetic“, she reported.

Cut Killer gives his truth about their couple

Words confirmed by Jade, candidate of Beauty and her princes, who also had a history with Cut Killer. “He’s not a Greek god! This did not prevent Enora from falling in love with him and having a very long relationship with him, despite the fact that she was deceived. I know it from a reliable source and she knows it as much as I do“, had declared the latter on NRJ12.

On the other hand, Cut Killer had another version of his idyll with Enora Malagre. In 2018, the famous DJ, invited by Jordan De Luxe on Voltage, had admitted that this romance had not lasted at all for years and years as she had so often implied. “We only been together two years, we weren’t together twelve yearshe insisted on correcting. TV makes people say ‘years’ but in fact it was only two years, not twelve! (…) You should know that Enora worked at Nova, I met her at the end of Nova and not in TPMP.”

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