Émilie (Married at first sight) thrown out of a restaurant, the manager defends himself and smashes her!

A case that is far from over. Indeed, while she is currently staying in the south of France, Émilie de Married at first sight experienced a complicated situation this Saturday, July 30, while she was eating in a restaurant in Cassis, not far from Marseille, with her daughter and her mother. On her Instagram account, the one who could end up in court with her ex Frédérick, delivered a funny story. It all started with the tasks done by the daughter of the pretty brunette, on the restaurant bench after eating a peach.

“I said to him: ‘Sir, you only put one towel, I did what I could’. And he said to me: ‘Ah, but it was up to me to put towels on the seat ?’ I’ve never heard of that!”she explains at first before defending herself: “My daughter, I only do that to run behind! How do you hold an 18-month-old child? You will have to explain to me. Do I have to bully her, that I put pies on her? Well no, I don’t raise my girl like that”. But after the tone rose, the manager would have asked the candidate to Married at first sight to leave the premises and pay the bill for the drinks consumed. A gesture that does not seem to have pleased the young mother.

Left without paying?

“I was shaking, I said to him: ‘Sir, you are kidding, there is no one here who is going to pay an addition, I will tell you right away!'”. What about the other version? Exactly, our colleagues from Tele-Leisure were able to contact the manager of the establishment so that he could defend himself. “This lady settled down with her mother and her child, we took the order, before bringing the drinks”, he confides at first before indicating that one of his servers would have alerted him to a “case” at the table where Emilie was. It was then that he discovered her daughter eating a peach. “Which isn’t a problem, except that the child was wiping himself on the benches, they were everywhere!”he defends himself.

It wouldn’t have taken a long time before Frédérick’s ex came up”on his high horses by not stopping to say that she worked at M6″. The manager, assures him, he would never have been aggressive towards the candidate of Married at first sight but “She didn’t want to pay for her bottle of water, her mother paid for it, and she left us with the dishes she had ordered”.

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