Elon Musk Reportedly Talked to Apple About iPhone 14 Starlink Connectivity

Satellite communication is a new feature of the iPhone 14 and Elon Musk has reportedly had conversations with Apple to offer help from Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite constellation.

One of the big new features of the iPhone 14 which was announced on September 7 is satellite communication. This feature is not available in France at the moment, but it allows you to contact emergency services in the event of a lack of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. The iPhone can connect to a satellite to send messages from emergency. It may take about fifteen seconds up to a few minutes if the sky is not clear.

The iPhone 14 – Credit: Apple

For this satellite communication, Apple has signed a partnership with Globalstar, an American company that manages a constellation of satellites. This allows Apple to use Globalstar’s low orbit satellites for ” Emergency SOS via satellite “. According to Elon Musk, SpaceX could also collaborate with Apple via its constellation of Starlink satellites.

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SpaceX had “promising conversations with Apple”

If Apple plans to expand its satellite communications functionality to other countries around the world, Globalstar’s satellites probably won’t be enough. The company owns 85 in low orbit. In comparison, Starlink has just over 3,000. Elon Musk would therefore have already spoken about it with Apple. The American billionaire explained on Twitter that: “ we’ve had promising conversations with Apple about Starlink connectivity. The iPhone team is obviously super smart “.

If the iPhone 14 could connect to Starlink satellites to send emergency messages, there is no doubt that the feature would be accessible in more countries. The iPhone 14 is also being sold in Russia without Apple’s approval. Elon Musk then clarified that “ the link between space and the phone will work better if the software and hardware of the phone adapt to space signals rather than if Starlink emulates a cell tower “.

The SpaceX CEO did not provide further details at this time. Apple also did not mention possible connectivity with Starlink. In the meantime, SpaceX will equip the first cruise ships with Starlink antennas to allow them to have a high-speed Internet connection.

Source: Mashable

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