Elodie Gossuin with her family at Parc Astérix: her children Rose and Jules have grown up a lot!

This Friday, July 8, 2022 was held in Plailly (Oise), the start of the operation “The Gallic Summer is making a comeback at Parc Astérix”. Many personalities were present such as the rapper and performer of the title Marly Gomont Kamini Zantokothe singer Murvin Cleliecomedian Clement LanoueCamille Cerf (Miss France 2015) and her partner Theo Fleurythe actress Anne Sophie Girardthe actor Gilles Lemaire and his wife Reem Kherici or Élodie Gossuin (Miss France 2001) came with her family with her husband Bertrand Lacherie and their two twins: Rose and Jules (14 years old) and Josephine and Leonard (8 years).

Seeing the photos, we notice that the two eldest of the former Miss France have grown well, to the point that they are almost the same size as their parents! Their little brother and little sister, Joséphine and Léonard will probably catch up with them in a few years.

If Élodie Gossuin seems to be having a good time at Parc Astérix with her four children, it is because she has long forbidden herself an activity with them. In an interview granted Thursday, July 7 to Current wife on the occasion of its new program of miscellaneous facts, family stories broadcast this Monday, July 11 on M6, Bertrand Lacherie’s wife admitted that she was not a fan of circus games. “With my four children, I no longer went to the circus because of the presence of animals”she confided. Since their presence is now prohibited, I can go back because I don’t feel guilty for supporting this thing that bothered me.” At Parc Astérix, the show with dolphins has also been abandoned.

“I’m starting to mourn motherhood”

While she is already happy and fulfilled with her four children, Élodie Gossuin does not intend to stop there and dreams of a fifth child with Bertrand, her husband since 2006. But he refuses. “I’m starting to mourn motherhood, I’m in full therapy. Until last year I said to myself: “I’m 40, I can very well still have a little one.” Giving life , it’s so magical”she said at Current wife.

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