Elizabeth II at its worst: drawn features, Kate Middleton glimpsed going to get her children

It was to be an important day for the three children of Kate Middleton and Prince William, who lived their first return to school together, while the Windsors are at the bedside of the queen.

The more the hours pass and the more the tension can be read on the faces of the members of the royal family, all having rushed to the bedside of the Queen Elizabeth II, still at Balmoral for now. Kate Middletonthe only one who stayed in London for her children’s first day of school, was spotted picking them up, looking worried about the fate of the monarch.

First return to school together for Princess Charlotte and Princes George and Louis

Kate Middleton and Prince William moved in with their children their new home down the road at Adelaide Cottage, before the start of the school year in order to be closer to the Queen, who now lives permanently at Windsor Castle as detailed by The Mirror. This September 8 marked the first day of an unprecedented return to school since it was the first time that Princess Charlotte and her brothers George and Louis were going to meet together at Lambrock, a prestigious private school. According to a source close to the Windsors, the Cambridge children “are really excited about starting a new school together, and I think mom and dad are too.”

However, while Kate Middleton was spotted picking up her three children from school, the worry could be seen on her face, so much anguish over the fate of the Queen Elizabeth becomes more and more intense as the hours pass. From the whole family, the Duchess of Cambridge is the only one to have remained in England, while all are at the Queen’s bedside at Balmoral, in Scotland. Since the beginning of the year, Elizabeth II was indeed forced to give up many official events, including the festivities of her own jubilee, because of her health. At this very moment, the whole of the United Kingdom is frozen with worry.

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2/12 –

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
The youngest of the siblings has joined his brother and sister in their new school

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3/12 –

Prince George
9-year-old George is the big boy in the family

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4/12 –

Prince George and his parents
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince George of Cambridge in the stands of the final of the Wimbledon tournament, July 10, 2022.

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5/12 –

Princess Charlotte and her parents
After a sporty summer, the princess has found her way back to school

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6/12 –

Princess Charlotte and her parents
Princess Charlotte had a lot of fun for photographers in the stands of the Commonwealth Games

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7/12 –

The entrance to the private school Lambrook School
This is the new Cambridge Children’s School

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8/12 –

Prince William and Kate Middleton
They accompanied their children to school for their first day

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9/12 –

The Cambridge family
The day had started auspiciously.

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10/12 –

Cambridge Children’s Back to School
The children went back to school for the first time together

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11/12 –

The Cambridge family
Very happy to be back at school and to be reunited

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12/12 –

The Cambridge family
While everything was going well, bad news about the Queen’s health saddened this sunny day

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