Electric car: Italian know-how at the service of Apple Car

News hardware Electric car: Italian know-how at the service of Apple Car

Even though we shouldn’t have any news on the Apple Car during the next Keynote, information about the apple’s autonomous vehicle continues to fall.

Apple Car: Rumors galore

As with every Apple-branded product, it’s a bit of a race for information. Since announcing its probable release for 2025 a few weeks ago, Apple Car rumors are on the rise. For the moment, here is what we know about this car of the future (information to be taken with a grain of salt):

  • 248 patents filed relating to the automotive industry (since 2000) in connection with :
    • Doors, seats, lights, windows, battery…
  • No steering wheel or pedals
  • Autonomous car
  • Electric motorization
  • Improved CarPlay

Here, the point that interests us the most is that of the possible autonomy of the vehicle which would have neither steering wheel nor pedals. Something quite surprising on paper, but which would therefore be explained by the brand’s desire to offer autonomous shuttles, free of all drivers, before opening the sale of Apple Car to the public.

Something that the city of San Francisco in the United States discovered this summer through General Motors and its subsidiary Cruise. In effect, the Californian city has hosted an autonomous taxi service on its streets whose vehicles are all Chevrolet Bolts capable of driving in total autonomy. Strategy that Tesla also seeks to implement and which should arrive in 2024 if we follow the words of Elon Musk.

A former Lamborghini will be there

According to the latest information that comes to us from the foreign press, Apple is also said to have poached one of Lamborghini’s main automotive development managers in the person of Luigi Taraborrelli. A sign that the Cupertino company wants to give the keys to its Titan project (name of the project internally) to someone who knows the automotive world particularly well.

It must be said that the Italian engineer has had time to gain experience during these twenty years of collaboration with the bull brand. The latter has notably worked on renowned vehicles such as the Urus, the Huracan or the Aventador.. Although Apple does not want to develop an ultra-sporty car, there is no doubt that the experience of Luigi Taraborrelli will be very useful when designing the chassis of the Apple Car.

Electric car: Italian know-how at the service of Apple Car

The Italian engineer is not the only one to have been recruited to work on the Apple Car, since the Cupertino company has also taken on the services of:

  • Desi Ujkashevic : a former Ford Motor vehicle safety officer
  • Ulrich Kranz : a former Canoo and BMW specialist in electric cars
  • Stuart Bowers : the former head of autopilot at Tesla

These thinking heads are also accompanied by a host of engineers who have worked for other car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Tesla and Volvo. Recently, Apple has also approached Hyundai so that it does not have to bear all the development and manufacturing costs. of his future vehicle. One thing is certain, the Apple Car is in very good hands.

Source : Bloomberg

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