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E.Leclerc sells a pizza… 8 euro cents

A real stroke of luck that he is probably not ready to forget. Rémy lives in Lèves, in Eure-et-Loir, near Chartres and regularly does his shopping in the E. Leclerc store in Barjouville. And this Saturday, January 29, he found himself in the right place at the right time and certainly did a very good job, as he tells the Actu Chartres site.

This inhabitant of the agglomeration of Chartres finds himself in the aisles of the supermarket. He decides to stop at the catering department and discovers with amazement that the raclette flavored pizza, prepared on site, displays a price of 8 euro cents. The sign had already made a name for itself with its 29-cent wand. He immortalizes the situation and takes a photo of the product, before continuing his shopping list, shocked by the offer defying all competition. “The price went well at checkout, we can also see the error in the price per kilo”, he specifies. He continues: “All the other pizzas had a normal price.” It should be noted that the only 6 p.m. tour was affected by this price.

“I didn’t want to waste and I’m a good player, I leave it to others! I gave the tip to a mother who was delighted,” he adds. Rémy took the opportunity to publish his discovery on Twitter by alerting the Dealabs.com site, which lists the best tips and price errors.

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