Doomila Moheeputh: “We went to eat pizza in Tamarin on Friday evening”

Arrested for synthetic drug trafficking, Doomila Moheeputh and his companion Akil Bissessur are questioned by the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID).

On Thursday August 25, Doomila Moheeputh returned to her schedule with Akil Bissessur. This, from Wednesday August 17 to their arrest, on the evening of Friday August 19. Invited to explain a trip to Tamarin, Doomila Moheeputh said that she had gone to eat a pizza with Akil Bissessur. They then returned home. It was on their return that the police searched his home. She denied any involvement in any drug trafficking.

Akil Bissessur was also interviewed for two hours Thursday morning, before his appearance in court for his motion for release on bail (Bail Motion). The lawyer, who is the subject of a provisional charge of drug trafficking, was called to explain the presence of the three sachets of drugs, recovered by the police, in the house of his companion in Palma, Friday evening. He denied any involvement, even after being confronted with photos of the drugs found at Doomila Moheeputh’s home.

The police also plan to scrutinize the couple’s movements during the three days preceding the arrest. For the sleuths of the CCID, it is essential to determine where Akil Bissessur would have obtained this drug at the beginning of the evening of Friday August 19. This route was partly placed under surveillance by a discreet team from the Police Headquarters Special Striking Team. Once the package was recovered in the Cascavelle region, Akil Bissessur and Doomila Moheeputh returned to Quatre-Bornes. Their vehicle had been tailed. But it was only after an hour (around 10 p.m.) that the ASP Ashik Jagai team searched the house and arrested the couple.

Questioning of the suspect’s mother

In a statement recorded by an official of the Special Striking Team, video clips recorded by the police during the operation were given to the CCID. They will be placed on file. On Thursday August 25, the police IT Unit also examined the computer equipment of Akil Bissessur and Doomila Moheeputh.

On Wednesday August 24, Doomila Moheeputh’s mother was heard as a witness by the CCID. The 72-year-old woman was called to confirm that images taken by the police were indeed those of the house where she lives with her daughter. She denied any knowledge of the existence of these products at home, but confirmed that the images were indeed taken at her home, in Palma, Quatre-Bornes.

The police intend to audition Akil Bissessur on the quantity of drugs which would have been destroyed during this evening. For the police, the lawyer would have got rid of the drug packages, shortly before the bloodhounds had access to the house.


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