“Don’t forget the lyrics”: a program deprogrammed after the death of a candidate

The episode scheduled for Friday July 8 could not be broadcast for a sad reason.

It is a situation as unprecedented as dramatic that the production of the show had to face “Do not forget the lyrics“, namely the death of a candidate between the recording of an episode and its broadcast.

Antoine was 19 when he lost his life on the road on June 24, after hitting a heavy truck in the Somme. Visibly a fan of the musical show, the young man had already participated in May 2021.

Sincere condolences to Anthony’s family. We recognize the whole class of @Nagui and the whole team of @NOPLPoff for respect in relation to the broadcast of the show. All my thoughts are with you. ud83dude22ud83dude4f pic.twitter.com/nh2SI0oESR

— Vlies Renaud (@renaux_pauline) July 8, 2022

A tribute was paid to him instead of the episode. “His disappearance has mourned all his friends, obviously the team of Don’t forget the lyrics. And our hearts go out to his family, loved ones and friends”, confided the host, Nagui, with a heavy heart. Adding that “Family members did not want this show to air”.

After this tribute, a best of the best moments of the current champion, Natasha, was broadcast. It was she whom Antoine had faced, without succeeding in taking her place.

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