Domino’s pizzas are leaving Italy, locals prefer their traditional restaurants

Established in Italy since 2015, the Domino’s Pizza brand planned to open 880 restaurants there. However, faced with competition from local and traditional restaurants, Domino’s Pizza announced its departure from Italy.

It’s official, 7 years after arriving in the country, Domino’s Pizza is leaving Italy. Indeed, the pizza delivery and take-out brand has not had the success it hoped for. It must be said that since the covid crisis, many local restaurants have further developed their delivery services, in particular in partnership with Deliveroo, Just Eat, Takeaway and Glovo.

Also, traditional pizza makers are much more popular in Italy. This is how the 29th and final branch of the group closed, Bloomberg reported.

Initially, the Domino’s Pizza brand planned to open 880 restaurants in Italy, reported 20 minutes. A project obviously too optimistic. “We attribute the problem to the increased level of competition in the food delivery market”said Domino’s Pizza.

Namely that at the end of 2020, the group had 10.6 million euros in debt. Its end in Italy therefore seemed already programmed.

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