Domino’s Pizza leaves Italy in the face of competition from traditional pizzerias

The American chain Domino’s Pizza is withdrawing from Italy after seven years of presence. About 200 employees are losing their jobs, but they will have no problem finding a job, as the restaurant sector is short of manpower.

With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir

Strong competition from local restaurants, which began to deliver to homes with the Covid-19 crisis, completely thwarted the plans of the American chain. Its 27 outlets in Italy, all in financial difficulty, have closed despite Domino’s Pizza aiming to open 880 by 2030.

It must also be said that the pizza italiana “, it is sacred, like ” the mom “. Our transalpine cousins ​​love traditional pizzerias with cooking over a wood fire and tables covered with small red checkered tablecloths. They are just as fond of the pizzaioli selling the pizza ” al taglio by the slice, which can be eaten on the street and leaves a little taste of paradise on your fingertips.

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