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Do you know what the mini plastic “table” is for, this patented invention placed in pizza boxes?

According to the Globometer website, we consume around 30 billion pizzas every year, or 95 pizzas every second, all presentations combined (boxes, frozen, fresh, etc.). If you have already opted for home delivery of pizzas or you have taken them away in their traditional cardboard box, you have probably discovered a kind of small plastic table inside your box… In the middle, we call it’s a “pizza saver”, and it often ends up full of sauces or cheese since it is planted directly in the still hot pizza… But, what is it for exactly? We will explain everything to you!

The pizza saver for what?

This small “table” often comes in the form of a plastic object with three legs and a small tray that you find planted in the center of your pizza… On the web, the usefulness of this object is debated, and some think it is just a decoration. If we refer to the origin of this invention which comes to us from Carmela Vitale, a woman from Long Island who, incidentally, filed a patent in the 80s, she has real utility. By observing the object, we can actually see that it is therefore planted in the pizza, and that it “sticks” to the cardboard packaging. In other words, the small plastic table thus serves to prevent your pizza from getting stuck to the cardboard. Simple, but effective in the end and it is true that the boxes, with the heat of the pizza, tend to sag!

Three protective tripods for pizzas.
Three protective tripods for pizzas. Illustrative photo not contractual. Credit: Shutterstock

Some details of this astonishing patent filing!

The inventor was not joking when she filed her patent since it states that the object of the invention is to provide a lightweight article. A relatively inexpensive and easy to make accessory, placed on the pie or cake inside the wrapper and intended to support the central part of the lid of the package during delivery.

This patent was approved in 1985 and then lapsed in 1993, and since then, manufacturers around the world have used this rather good idea, given the number of pizzas sold in the world each year!

Screenshot of the invention patent.
Screenshot of the invention patent. Photo credit: Google Patent / Carmela Vitale

Another invention around the pizza, the Grand-Bicoupe!

This invention is much more recent than the previous one and provides a real solution to a recurring problem: that of cutting the pizza AND the crust! Jason Noblet is the inventor of the Grand-Bicoupe, a French invention therefore, awarded at the last Lépine competition and which looks like a traditional pizza wheel with a small difference: this one has a double entry, and looks like the biclou, the famous bicycle with a smaller wheel at the front than at the back…

A pizza wheel made in France, optimized for pies with integrated bottle opener
A pizza wheel made in France, optimized for pies with integrated bottle opener. Photo credit: Grand Bicoupe

Concretely, when you cut your pizza, the small wheel cuts the crust and the large one takes care of the filling. And, once you’re done cutting, just flip it over to avoid staining your table with the wheel full of sauce or grease. Admit that it’s ingenious, because cutting a crust of pizza with a knife or with a wheel is sometimes mission impossible.

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