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discover the career of Céline Mendiant, franchisee of La Boite à Pizza de Perpignan

In July 2020, Celine Beggar took over the restaurant The Pizza Box of Perpignan where she worked as a manager. This takeover is the culmination of a decade-long career in the restaurant industry. From dishwashing to managing her own restaurant, the franchisee looks back on the different stages of her professional development.


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A first experience as a seasonal worker

About ten years ago, without training or experience, Céline Mendiant took her first steps in seasonal catering.

“I started as diver in a traditional restaurant, she relates. And, over the season, I gradually took on the position of commis chef..

The following season, this same restaurant offered him the job of manager. “They had confidence in me, saw that it was working well and that I listened to what I was told, that I took all the advice. This opportunity allowed me to begin to familiarize myself with the restaurant management. »

First steps in fast food

Following this first experience, she held various jobs in other restaurants as a kitchen manager. Then, faced with the job market, she left traditional catering to join the fast food by becoming Versatile employee at the house of Burger King.

If she admits having taken this position out of necessity, it will prove to be formative since she will quickly evolve to become, in the space of a year, area manager. “I had to manage about thirty employees inside the kitchen”she says.

In constant search of professional development, in 2018, she then seized the opportunity to become manager within The Pizza Box of Perpignan. This is the beginning of his adventure with La Boite à Pizza.

The takeover of La Boite à Pizza in Perpignan

In 2019, the bosses of La Boite à Pizza in Perpignan offered to buy the business. This resumption of activity will materialize in July 2020 with the conclusion of a management lease contract with the eventual prospect of buying back the fund and the buildings. For this entrepreneurial project, she associates with spouse. “He himself has experience in catering, and above all, he knows how to manage a team because his previous activity was to organize international poker tournaments”explains Céline Mendiant.

The couple therefore took over the operation of the restaurant on their own, through a lease-management contract concluded with the former owners, but also franchise contract after validation by the network. Due to its character person institute, that is to say linked to a natural person who signs it, the franchise contract cannot be transferred without the agreement of the franchisor. The takeover of a franchise thus involves three parties: the assignor, the buyer and the franchisor.

To carry out their project to take over the restaurant La Boite à Pizza in Perpignan, the couple had to be validated by the head of the network. “This is done in several stages and quite simplysays Céline Mendiant. After a first contact by telephone, we went to the headquarters in Montpellier to meet the managers of the franchise. Our profile interested them since we are a couple with restaurant experience and my own management experience within the restaurant was obviously an argument of choice. I didn’t need to do the training, I knew the processes and I knew the team. So it’s done as simply as possible. »

The purchase of the fund and the walls, the final stage of the takeover

Since July 2020, Céline Mendiant and her spouse have been running the restaurant La Boite à Pizza in Perpignan. L’benefit of a recovery is to already have one established clientele and benefit from a clear vision on the potential of the establishment.

The couple also benefited from the support of the former owners. “During the first four months before the takeover, they trained me in business management, collections, management of schedules and employees and everything related to administrative procedures. They continued to support us for the first two months and still provide good advice today. »

After two years of lease-management, the couple are currently in the process of buying the fund and the walls and thus finalize this takeover project.

Céline Mendiant thus continues her career in catering, which began with a seasonal contract as a dishwasher and led her to run her own restaurant. And the entrepreneur intends to continue to evolve. “For the moment, we are concentrating on buying back the fund, but why not, within five years, not open another store ? It’s a project that we would like very much.”she concludes.

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