Disappearance of Jade, her mother treated as a liar: “Coerced and forced”, she reveals evidence

The news item turned into a controversy for Karine Gelain, influential casting director, artistic agent and caster. In question ? The power of social networks which have made it possible to relay the disappearance of his daughter, Jade, as much as to aggravate the situation with suspicions of lies and buzz. The distressed mother therefore again entered her Instagram account to reveal evidence.

It all started on August 24, 2022. On that day, Karine Gelain posted on Instagram – where she introduces herself as Karin Gelain – a cry for help regarding her 18-year-old daughter Jade, from whom she was without new. A message relayed by many contacts of this mother in distress, including Pierre Niney or even Helene Sy. Four days later, she was found healthy, but in shock after being “taken by force“: “To tell you a little more anyway, she didn’t run away, nor party, she was forcibly taken away for very dark reasons. The police are doing their job and I must not divulge any information at this time.”

However, the case took on another dimension when suspicions arose on the veracity of the incident. Capucine Anav had thus declared bluntly when commenting on her publication: “I sincerely hope Mrs. Karin Gélain that you don’t take us for idiots with such serious stories” Karine Gelain decided to provide a first series of details to deny any “buzz” or lie, confirming that her daughter had indeed run away two years ago and that since then she had to inform her mother of any trip. “JI therefore launched an alert on the networks in order to have information as quickly as possible so as not to relive the traumatic events of 2020“, she had specified.

Faced with the outpouring of criticism or even hatred that she received, the caster therefore published new elements in story: a photograph of her daughter’s police report, confirming that she did turn herself in to the police for an investigation to be carried out. “Coerced and forced to prove that it’s true and that I didn’t lie. For gadget inspectors, inquire, the investigation is still ongoing“, she wrote in the caption of the photo. Sufficient evidence to calm the situation?

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