DIJON: Twins Pizza wins the “Best Restaurant” Award on Just Eat

The specialty of the pizzeria in the university district mixes two emblematic street food dishes: pizza-tacos.

On the occasion of the Awards conducted by Just Eat to elect the best restaurants available for delivery on the platform, Twins Pizza won the “Best restaurant” prize! Among all the restaurants offering delivery on the platform, Twins Pizza has won unanimous support from users, who particularly appreciate the quality and originality of the pizzas on offer. A victory that is not the first for the Dijon pizzeria since it had already won the award for the best Just Eat restaurant in 2018…

Twins Pizza: pizza is a family affair!

At Twins Pizza, family is sacred! It was with her parents and siblings that Aïda opened her restaurant Twins Pizza, which owes its name to her nephews who are twins. What makes this pizzeria unique is above all the freshness of the products and the originality of the flavors: Dijon residents can notably taste a specialty that mixes 2 emblematic street food dishes: pizza-tacos.

“It’s an honor for us to win the award for best Just Eat restaurant since we started delivery with Just Eat, it’s kind of our heart platform. What’s more, we had already won this award in 2018, so we are very proud to win it again this year! This rewards all the sincerity and passion that we put into our daily work to best serve our customers.” Aida, the manager of Twins Pizza.

The Just Eat Delivered Catering Awards: 26 prizes awarded!

This year, users of the Just Eat platform voted and elected their favorite home meal delivery restaurant. The Just Eat Awards rewarded a total of 26 restaurateurs.

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Pizza: 2nd most delivered specialty on Just Eat in 2021!

If the inhabitants of Dijon have acclaimed the pizzas of Twins Pizza, they are not the only ones since this Italian specialty has long been at the top of the most delivered dishes on Just Eat! If in 2021, it ranked 2nd* in favor of the burger, there is no doubt that it has all the advantages to regain the top of the ranking in 2022.

*IFOP study for Just Eat conducted online from September 22 to 24, 2021 with a sample of 1,011 national individuals representative of the French population, aged 18 and over.

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