Did Louis kill Miriam? Rebound to come in the soap opera of France 2

The episode of this Friday August 19 ofsuch a big sun signs the death of Myriam, played by Pauline Paolini, one of the main performers of the soap opera. Is his son-in-law involved?

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Hard knocks in the intrigues ofsuch a big sun. While Maryline decided to leave Montpellier permanently to settle in Morocco with her new lover, Elisabeth Margoni, her interpreter, returned to the conditions of her departure. On the side of Myriam (Pauline Paolini), the outlook is even bleaker: since the accident of Jacques, her stepfather, relations have become dangerously strained with Louis, who accuses Myriam of having lodged a complaint against her grandfather.

Is Louis guilty of Myriam’s death?

In the episode of this Friday, August 19, we can see the young high school student infiltrate the warehouse of L Cosmétiques, cap on his head and can of gasoline in his hand. Once the cameras are disconnected, he spills the essence and stops when he hears a noise. For her part, Myriam finishes a long evening of work at the office and goes to her car. Seeing the warehouse door open, she leaves to check what’s going on. Later, alerted by a call from Marc, Laurent leaves to check in the parking lot to see if the latter’s companion is present. He then in turn enters the warehouse and discovers the lifeless body of Myriam, in a bloodbath…

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What will happen in the coming weeks in such a big sun ?

From next week, the mystery will hang over the circumstances of the death of Myriam. If a good part of the protagonists are devastated by learning the news, Louis seems to harbor remorse. He even confides in his father that he regrets having fallen out with his stepmother before his death. Does that make him the perfect culprit? In any case, this is not the opinion of Alex, Myriam’s cousin, who will once again attack Jade: the arrival of the former criminal in the company at the time of the death of can its CEO really be a coincidence? If the suspects are likely to multiply, the investigation will in any case be an opportunity to introduce a new character to the public since Manu (Moïse Santamaria) will team up with a new recruit, Aya, played by Priska Peraste.

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