Dessert at $25,000, pizzas and XXL burgers… These 9 culinary records left us speechless!

Before telling you which records impressed us the most, let’s point out that these events were organized for charitable purposes. The sums raised by the sale of the dishes or to attend competitions and festivals were thus donated to partner associations, and the leftover food given to food banks.

Be careful it gets hot!

Do you like spicy food? Know that for Gregory Foster, it is a real passion. In 2021, the American has thus set himself the challenge of swallowing three Carolina Reapers as quickly as possible. Literally meaning the “Reaper of Carolina”, this pepper is rated at 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale (in comparison the cayenne pepper already reaches 50,000) and falls into the category of “explosive” peppers. To give you an idea, its only manipulation requires gloves, as it is irritating. Still, that’s not what scared off our experienced competitor, as he managed to swallow it all in just 8.72s, breaking Mike Jack’s record of 9.72s set three weeks earlier.
Respect !

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs

Exactly, we should say “you can’t make an omelette 10.3 m in diameter without breaking 145,000 eggs”. Approved on August 11, 2012 in Santarém, Portugal, the feat required 6 hours of cooking during which 150 people took turns to mix the omelette.
Note that there are many other records around this culinary classic such as “the greatest number of omelettes turned over in 1 min” (117) or “the most expensive omelet in the world” with caviar and lobster, sold for the modest sum of $1,000 or €980.84.
In case you are looking for inspiration for your future menus of the week…

Did you say expensive?

After Anna Wintour’s $77 salad, we are pleased to present the world’s most expensive dessert, Frrrozen Haute Chocolate. Composed of vanilla ice cream, a chocolate sauce made with 28 different cocoas, then decorated with 5 g of 23 carat gold leaf and truffles, it will cost you $25,000 (€24,533.13) for this oversized sundaes. Listed on the Serendipity 3 menu, the dessert was made in collaboration with a New York jewelry store, which was responsible for creating the container. The result is a Baccarat crystal goblet lined with edible gold and a gold spoon adorned with diamonds estimated alone at $15,000 (€14,743.87). The good news of this story is that the spoon is offered after the tasting!

This isn’t the first time the Serendity 3 has caused a buzz with a luxury flat. The New York establishment is, among other things, known for having won the title of “the most expensive fries in the world” at $200 (€196.26) a portion of truffle fries, truffled cheeses and gold dust ; that of the “most expensive milkshake in the world”, served in a cup adorned with 3,000 Swarovski crystals; and the “most expensive grilled-cheese in the world”, called “the Quintessential grilled cheese” sold for $214 (€210.35). It notably includes champagne bread, white truffle butter, caciocavallo podolico (a rare cheese), and is served with lobster bisque on a crystal plate. We are far from the simple croque-monsieur!

Gingerbread house for sale, 234 m2ideal large family

At Christmas, making a gingerbread house is a family activity for some, while for others it’s an opportunity to break a world record. In 2013, a Texas club built the largest gingerbread house to ever exist. Dimensions of the residence: 18.28 m long by 12.8 m wide. At its highest point, the house even exceeds 3 m! As for the recipe, know that you will need approximately:

  • 3266 kg of all-purpose flour
  • 816 kg of butter
  • 1324 kg brown sugar
  • 851 liters of molasses
  • 7,200 eggs
  • 31 kg ground ginger
  • 20 ground cinnamon
  • 10 kg baking soda

And that, just for the dough! 1134 kg of sweets were also needed to decorate it. Icing on the gingerbread house, all parts are edible as it was one of the judging criteria. It has also been estimated at 35,823,400 calories.
On the other hand, the story does not indicate the number of bedrooms or bathrooms in the house.

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest eater in the world

Takeru Kobayashi nicknamed “The Tsunami” could almost hold a record number of records. This Japanese is an effect known to achieve incredible performances in the field of competitions of bigger eaters. According to his official website, he holds seven Guinness World Records titles, including “most hamburgers swallowed in 3 minutes (12 hamburgers), “most meatballs swallowed in 1 minute (29 meatballs) “. It was also IKEA meatballs, says Guinness. Also, he won the Nathan’s Famous Contest Eating, a contest for the biggest hot dog eater organized by the restaurant chain of the same name, six years in a row.
And believe us, to achieve these feats, excellent physical condition and hours of training are necessary. Takeru Kobayashi can thus boast of weighing 58 kg for 1.73 m and displaying abs worthy of Jennyfer Lopez.

© Bill McCay/Getty Images

Do we take a dip?

We know that the Lebanese are crazy about hummus, so are we, but to prepare 10 tons of it? Finally very exactly 10.452 tons? Knowing that a car weighs on average 1.5 tons, it is therefore the equivalent of 7 cars that was cooked by chef Ramzi Choueiri and 300 students from Al-Kafaat University in 2010. To host this gargantuan portion, a ceramic plate 7.17 m in diameter had been made by Joe Kabalan, a local architect.
Nice team work!


Burgers are often (mistakenly) thought to be American, when in fact they are German. And precisely, it is Germany, which in 2017, obtained the record for the largest hamburger in the world with a sandwich of 1,164.2 kg composed of minced steaks, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onion and hamburger sauce.
As an accompaniment, we suggest the largest portion of fries in the world, which officially weighs 659 kg.

Mamma mia!

If Italy can boast of having created the pizza, since 2017 it can no longer boast of holding the title of the longest pizza in the world. The latest record, established in California with a length of 1,930.39 m, beats the Neapolitan feat of 2016, recorded at 1,858.88 m. It took a hundred pizza makers, more than 8 tons of pizza dough, 2.3 tons of sauce and 1.8 tons of mozzarella to prepare this behemoth.
Impressive !

And the oldest food in the world is…

Little hint: it is an everyday food. Second clue: it can be white, complete, Viennese… Did you find it? Indeed, the oldest food in the world is bread of a respectable age. About 14,400 years old! Unearthed in 2018 by archaeologists in northern Jordan at the site of Shubayqa 1, it would be a round, flat bread prepared by the Natufians of the Levant.
Besides the antediluvian age of the food, the find is of great historical significance. Until then, the oldest traces of bread dated back 9,100 years, which places them in the Neolithic period and the beginning of agriculture. However, this recent find demonstrates that Paleolithic hunter-gatherers knew how to make bread long before the beginning of cereal crops, using wild cereals.
Here is how the famous French toast was found…

Of course, you could still be told many records such as the longest hot dog (203.80 m) or the most expensive chicken nugget sold at auction (around €82,190), but all good things have a end. And this article too.

Source: Guinness World Records

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