Despite the release of the iPhone 14, Apple does not lower the price of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 keeps the same price as when it was released, instead of traditionally dropping simultaneously with the release of the new model. A situation linked to the economic crisis.

Apple has just presented its new products at its annual conference on September 7. The new iPhone 14 was obviously part of it, and was unveiled in four versions.

Traditionally, the release of a new iPhone automatically lowers the price of previous ones. However, due to economic conditions, this is not the case this year: the iPhone 13, marketed at 809 euros in 2021, retains this same price despite the release of the new range. The most likely cause is the weakness of the euro, which has fallen against the dollar in recent months.

A noticeable price increase

So here are the unchanged prices of previous iPhones:

  • from 809 euros for the iPhone 13 mini (128 GB of storage)
  • from 909 euros for the iPhone 13 (128 GB of storage)
  • from 1,159 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB of storage)
  • from 1,259 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro Max (128 GB of storage)

For its part, the iPhone 14 starts, for the first model, at 1019 euros, a price much higher than what is offered across the Atlantic. A price increase for Europe was indeed expected for the products of this year 2022, and was confirmed during this conference.

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