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Del Arte is testing the pizza subscription to retain and rejuvenate its customers

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Del Arte innovates on the market by offering for less than 35 euros per month to eat every day at the restaurant. Philippe Jean, general manager of the sign, details the challenges of this project.

The Del Arte subscription was launched on October 15 as a test in 13 branches.  - © DR
The Del Arte subscription was launched on October 15 as a test in 13 branches. – © DR

Subscription is on the rise in retail. If subscribing to a service to no longer pay delivery costs has been quite widespread since Amazon Prime, brands are now looking to bring new experiences with subscriptions. For example, Decathlon, which offers to rent bikes or weight training equipment, or Kiabi and Petit Bateau, which want to encourage families to use their products and not buy them.

Philippe Jean, Managing Director of Del Arte, has clearly perceived this new way of consuming which he has decided to adapt to his sector. “After the sports subscription, discover the Pizza subscription”. It is in these terms that the sign of the Le Duff group presents its new offer.

Concretely, for 29.99 euros the first month, then 34.99 euros per month, the customer has the right to eat once a day at the restaurant. He has a choice of 7 dishes, including pizza, pasta and a salad. The offer will evolve over the weeks. Subscription to the service is only done online and it is linked to the loyalty program. Customers will just have to present a QR Code accessible in the application in addition to proving their identity so that the chosen dish disappears from the bill.

A conquest and loyalty service

“We have been working on this offer for 10 months, explains the general manager. We had to solve two technical problems: the implementation of a payment by subscription and the integration into our collection system. » Indeed, for the manager, there is no question of offering a delivery service, he wants the customer to come and live a real experience at the table. It also limits fraud. Finally, he also hopes that each subscriber will generate additional traffic by coming accompanied.

“I really believe in this service, he points out. Since covid, we have been faced with a change in consumption habits and restaurant attendance has dropped. We must find new levers to attract. » The subscription is therefore part of this logic of winning over customers. Del Arte particularly targets young students who will be attracted by the price and the fact of not having to cook, as well as employees who cannot afford to pay 15 euros every day to eat in the restaurant.

A test in 13 branches

The service has been tested in 13 branches (Boulogne-Billancourt, Flins, Ivry, Gennevilliers, Rouen, Collart, Metz, 2 in Lyon, 2 in Rennes, 2 in Toulouse) for 10 days, with a promotion of the service only on digital and in the catchment areas concerned. Without revealing figures, Philippe Jean says he is already satisfied with the returns because he confirms the planned scenarios, namely to capture a new, younger clientele. A first assessment will be drawn one month after the launch to extend, adapt or even extend the test. The franchisees who make up 90% of the network of 210 restaurants are particularly curious and interested in this service.

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