Death of Jonathan Destin, symbol of the fight against school bullying

The 27-year-old, who set himself on fire in 2011, died in his sleep on Saturday, his mother wrote on social media.

Jonathan Destin, 27, died on Saturday August 20 in his sleep, in Marquette-lez-Lille in Hauts-de-France, report our colleagues from The voice of the North. The regional daily quotes a message posted on Facebook by the young man’s mother on Monday.

“To all those who knew Jonathan, through his story, his book, his film, in schools, who one day met him, spoke to him, you who have been following us for so many years, I unfortunately have a sad news to announce: Jonathan died on Saturday at my home in his sleep. It is with a broken heart that I announce this to you,” she wrote.

Set on fire in 2011

In 2011, extorted and beaten by his classmates, the young man, 16 years old at the material time, set himself on fire. After 17 surgeries and more than two months in a comahe had survived this tragedy.

Jonathan had since become a symbol of the fight against school bullying, and multiplied interventions in schools to raise awareness among the youngest, recalls The voice of the North.

In 2018, a TV movie inspired by his story was broadcast on TF1, The day I burned my heart.

“The more we raise awareness, the more testimonies there are. The book was like a first therapy. The TV movie is a second. It’s constructive for me. As long as I can help other people, it’s a feat every time”, explained in front of the cameras Jonathan Destin.

The singer of Indochina, Nicola Sirkis, had worked on the issue of school harassment with the young man. “Jonathan always forever by your side,” he tweeted to pay tribute to him. A short message accompanied by a photo where we see the two men together.

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