Death of Jonathan Destin, face of the fight against school bullying

@nicolasirkis on Twitter Jonathan Destin, face of the fight against school bullying, is dead

@nicolasirkis on Twitter

Jonathan Destin, face of the fight against school bullying, is dead

DEATH – His story and his fight against school bullying had inspired a fiction in 2018. Four years later, Jonathan Destin left at the age of 27. It was his mother who announced the sad news on Facebook, stating that he died ” in his sleep ” this Saturday August 20 at Marquette-lez-Lille (North).

“To all those who knew Jonathan, through his story, his book, his film, in schools, who one day met him, talked to him, you who have been following us for so many years, I unfortunately have sad news to announce: Jonathan died Saturday at my house in his sleep. It is with a broken heart that I announce this to you.”she wrote on Monday, August 22.

Police have opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of his death, says The voice of the Northwhich specifies that an autopsy must be performed.

“The Day I Burned My Heart”

Harassed for six years at school, the teenager had tried to end his life in 2011 by setting himself on fire before throwing himself into the Deûle. He had survived this suicide attempt, despite a body burned to 72%.

After spending two years in hospital, including three months in an induced coma, and undergoing around twenty operations, he published in 2013 doomed to kill mea book which inspired TF1 to produce the fiction The day I burned my heartreleased in November 2018.

“Jonathan forever by your side”, reacted on Twitter the singer of the group Indochine, Nicola Sirkis. He had met the young man by sponsoring with him in 2019 a major campaign against school harassment.

The mayor of Marquette-lez-Lille, Dominique Legrand, also paid tribute to him and said to himself ” particularly affected by his death”. “His life was terrible from an early age. I know he was in a lot of pain from his burns and the many surgeries he had undergone.”he told The voice of the North.

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