Death of Jean-Luc Godard, history of cinema – Liberation


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A total filmmaker with a thousand lives and a work as prolific as it is protean, the embodiment of the contradictions of an art in constant search, Jean-Luc Godard died, we learned on Tuesday September 13, at the age of 91. . He leaves a career strewn with masterpieces and misunderstandings that made him a legend during his lifetime.

Your cinema is the saturation of magnificent signs that bathe in the light of their lack of explanation.This sentence of Manoel de Oliveira, Jean-Luc Godard, whose death we learned on Tuesday September 13, repeated it twice, in For Ever Mozart and History(ies) of cinema. One could stop there, consider in front of the enormity of the work that it cannot be evoked, summed up, reduced, popularized without ridicule or blunder. We could also proceed by copying and pasting texts, images and painting our faces blue. “Philosopher, scientist, preacher, educator, journalist, but all this as an amateur, he is the last (to date) to have been the witness (consistent in his depositions) and the (moral) conscience of what happens in the cinema“, writing …


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