Death of Gorbachev: When the ex-president of the USSR played in a pub for… Pizza Hut!

Archives. When the craftsman of the dislocation of the USSR had bent to the exercise of the advertising spot. On Tuesday, Russian news agencies announced the death of Mikhail Gorbachev, a former Soviet statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, at the age of 91.

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“Glory to Gorbachev!”

After leaving the Kremlin, the Russian politician had fun participating in advertising campaigns. One of the most striking: a spot for the American brand Pizza Hut. In this advertisement page, dating from 1997, Mikhail Gorbachev crosses Red Square in Moscow to go to one of the franchise stores.

In the establishment, a family sees Mikhail Gorbachev and launches into a debate: “Has life in Russia been better since the breakup of the USSR?“.”Because of him we have an economic mess“, launches the father of the family. His son retorts: “Thanks to him, we have opportunities!“.”Because of him, we have political instability!“, replies the parent. “Thanks to him, we have freedom!“, he is chained. They are interrupted by the mother: “Thanks to him, we have lots of things… like Pizza Hut!“. This exit puts the father and his son in agreement, who launch in chorus, in the direction of the former Soviet president: “Glory to Gorbachev!“. invites you to view the sequence.

Pizza Hut withdrew from Russia last March

This excerpt resonates all the more today as Pizza Hut owner Yum! Brands, decided last March to halt operations in Russia due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the nation of Ukraine. The 50 establishments of the American brand have been sold to a Russian franchise which intends to rename the restaurants.

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