Death of Elizabeth II: what is the difference between queen and queen consort, the title granted to Camilla?

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son’s status changed. But what about the second wife of the new king, Charles III?

Charles III is now the new King of England after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday September 8.

And his wife, Camila is concomitantly became queen consort. However, this title was not necessarily automatic for the new king’s second wife.

Indeed, the status of queen, queen consort and princess consort is quite different.

A status decided by the queen in advance

Queen Elizabeth II had planned the coup. To allow Camilla Parker-Bowles to receive the title of queen consort, the sovereign had expressed her “sincere wish” for her to achieve this title “when the day has come”.

But she only decided last February. the wedding with the Prince of Wales for seventeen years not being not enough to give him this title, as Le Monde reports.

If the Queen of England had not taken this step, Camilla would have been princess consort and not queen consort.

Besides, like the husband of Elizabeth II, Prince Philip who had the status of prince consort and not king consort.

For some, this choice made beforehand by the Queen is the proof of the legitimacy that she grants to the wife of her son and his attachment, as reported by Elle.

Queen consort, same fate as the king but without sovereignty

the queen consort title thus confers on Camilla the same titles as her husband and the same “fate” without however access to sovereignty and without the status of chief of the armies. The title of queen “very short” is acquired by ancestry.

If the king died before, she would become the king’s widow, dowager queen and not queen mother, title reserved for the mother of the future sovereign, that is to say William in the order of accession to the throne.

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